Chikura Tooru
Chikura Tooru
Japanese Name 千倉 トオル
Rōmaji Name Chikura Toru
Gender Male
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Blood Type
Affiliation Kushima High School
Manga Debut Chapter 28

Chikura Tooru (千倉 トオル, Chikura Toru) is a second year student at Kushima High School.




First and Second Years FightEdit

Tooru is introduced after witnessing Shake punch Marumo Taiji. Claiming he'll show Shake who can make a difference in the school, he'll do it with animosity and sheer violence.[1]

Inside a store Tooru asks Marumo Taiji if he was punched by Shake. Introducing himself he says he wants to see the guy Shake is watching. Interrupted by Shiiba Gaku, he him mocks until being punched. Punching him back, he knocks Gaku backwards. Mentioning he doesn't know why he wants to control the school, he doesn't know what it means to be number one. When Gaku vows to find a meaning and punches him. Tooru offers to settle it outside.[2]

Now outside, he tells Gaku has no reason to approach the top, since he doesn't know why he wants to reach it. Avoiding Gaku's punch, he responds by punching him which knocks him down. Questioning if he wants more he torments Gaku. Getting back up, Gaku tells him not to underestimate him and kicks Tooru. After exchanging blows Tooru knocks Gaku down again. Telling him to stay down, Tooru prepares to strike him until interrupted by Kirio. Kirio tells him to move or they'll be late for class. Realizing this Tooru begins to walk away and tells Gaku he owes him one. Claiming Gaku hurt him, he declares he'll take him out. Kirio then mentions about having some fun beating some first years.[3]

Sat underneath the school yard shelter with Morita Isami, Kirio and Seji, while playing on a PSP. They briefly discuss Shiiba Gaku. When Isami asks him if he'll leave Shiiba to him, Tooru tells him no as he's his. When Isami, Kirio and Seji finish their game of rock paper scissors. Tooru mentions he'll be getting Shiiba Gaku.[4]


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