Morita Isami
Morita Isami
Japanese Name 盛田 イサミ
Rōmaji Name
Gender Male
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Blood Type
Affiliation Kushima High School
Manga Debut Chapter 30

Morita Isami (盛田 イサミ) is a second year student at Kushima High School.




First and Second Years FightEdit

Morita Isami is introduced alongside Kirio and Seji, when Kirio tells Chikura Tooru they need to move or they'll be late for class. When Tooru he declares he'll take out Shiiba Gaku. Kirio mentions about them having some fun beating some first years.[1]

Sat underneath the school yard shelter with Tooru, Kirio and Seji. They briefly discuss Shiiba Gaku. Calling Tooru lucky for finding someone he can have fun with he asks if he'll leave Shiiba to him so he can destroy him. Disappointed at being told no, he questions shouldn't there be other first years on his level. Mentioning there's Marumo Taiji, Urabe Osamu and Shiro. He questions who's the strongest and claims he wants to get the strongest among them. When Seji mentions they'll spilt them. Aura declares they'll do it like usual to which Seji and Kirio agree. As the three settle it with game of game of rock paper scissors, Aura is the first to be eliminated much to his annoyance. Tooru then mentions he'll get Urabe Osamu. Some time later, coming across Urabem. He calls him a loser and claims he hates weaker opponents, and that he didn't have a choice. Tackling him to the ground, he says that after him he'll kill the others.[2]

While continuously punching Urabe Osamu, Isami begins to mock him. Preparing to deliver another punch, Urabe uses the end of his cigarette to burn him on the nose. Taken by surprise Isami is kicked by Urabe. Claiming he got the lamest and dumbest one, after Urabe becomes annoyed over his broken cigarette. After introducing himself Isami attempts to grab him only to be kneed in the face. As they both once again clash, Isami knocks out Urabe with one final punch.[3]


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