Shiiba Gaku
Shiiba Gaku
Japanese Name 椎葉 岳
Rōmaji Name
Gender Male
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Red
Blood Type O
Height 172
Weight 57
Affiliation Kushima High School
Manga Debut Chapter 1
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Shiiba Gaku (椎葉 岳) is the main protagonist of Sugarless (manga), a first year student in Kushima High School, aiming for the top of "Windmill"





First Years UprisingEdit

Gaku is introduced entering a fight with two students. Knocking them unconscious, he says only the strong survive, and that's the rule of "Windmill". Viewing the banner attached to the windmill, he says "Shake" has a funny name.[1]

Inside the school, while walking down the second years corridor. When asked to stop, he's confronted by a student and told the building is for 2nd years and informed of the school's ranking system. Claiming to hate being looked down upon, he says he'll alter the ranking system. Preparing to fight, he's suddenly knocked into a classroom behind him by a student entering the corridor through the window.[1]

Later on, in the school yard, he overhears shouting and notices the guy from earlier. Viewing his size, he names him "Marimo". After Marimo unleashes anger on a fellow student. Gaku leaps into the air to attack, but is unsuccessful. Questioned about his intentions, he tells Marimo about his desire to seize the top. Shocked by his non interest he asks why he's in the school. Annoyed by his reason he punches him, only to be clotheslined. Sitting up, Gaku finds himself surround by other students. Threatened to be beaten up, Gaku finds himself in a fight against them. Witnessing Marimo get involved in the fight he questions why. Being told he shouldn't waste his fists on scum. Together they both knock out the attacking students. When a man on the school rooftop speaks about reaching the top, Gaku turns around to view him.[1]


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