TV Series

Sugarless (シュガーレス, Shugaresu) television series was ran from October 3 2012 to December 27 2012. The series consisted of 12 episodes and was aired on Nippon TV.


Courageous high school student named Shiiba Gaku new to Kushima High School, dominated by delinquents. Knowing this, he aims to be the number one fighter of the school and the leader.

This school, however isn’t just a boys school. As there are quite a few girls at the school as well. The difference is that most (if not all) the boys at the school spend their time beating the crap out of each other while the girls don’t.

On his first day, Gaku sets his sight on not only to be the number one at the school but also on Haruka Suwa. Unfortunately him, Suwa isn’t interested.

How will things turn out for Shiiba? Will he get the girl? Will he be number one?


Actor Character
Shirahama Aran Shiiba Gaku
Suzuki Nobuyuki Marumo Taiji
Sano Reo Mukai Shirou
Machida Keita Urabe Osamu
Sayama Ayaka Mano Asuka
Isomura Yosuke Tooyama Shogo
Akiyama Shintaro Udo
Nogae Shuhei Morita Isami
Triendl Reina Suwa Haruka
Iida Noeru Harima
Onozuka Hayato Chikura Tooru
Shokichi Aramaki Itaru
Sato Taiki Tanaka Hiraori

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