Urabe Osamu
Urabe Osamu
Japanese Name 卜部 治
Rōmaji Name
Gender Male
Hair Colour White and Black
Eye Colour Red
Blood Type B
Height 175
Weight 63
Affiliation Kushima High School; Hydra (formerly)
Manga Debut Chapter 5
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Urabe Osamu (卜部 治) is a first year student at Kushima High School and the former leader of Hydra.




First Years UprisingEdit

Urabe is introduced mentioning not even small fires like Tanaka Hiraori stood a chance against Shiro, the strongest first year. Saying only the strong can move upwards, he claims the ones who'll be moving is up is Hydra.[1]

Inside the school, after fighting against a student in a classroom. Stepping into the hallway, he notices Shiiba Gaku and Marumo Taiji. Mentioning they're famous for making the second years riot. Claiming he'll defeat Shake, himself and Hydra will become the head of windmill. As Marumo mentions he has a lot of people for a Hydra. Urabe says there is no needed to worry. As Gaku asks the point of getting a bunch of people together if only one person can be the head. Urabe calls Gaku a dog and tells him to use his brain. Mentioning Shiro is the strongest first year and if nobody can defeat him then they can't go up. He then asks for them to lend him a hand in crushing him.[2]

When Gaku mentions he'll crush whoever gets in his way and that he doesn't have time for small fry like Hydra. Urabe looks on and chooses not to respond.[3]

Flicking his cigarette towards Gaku, he kicks him in the head. Pulling his leg back, they both clash heads. Walking away he laughs and mentions he's looking forward to him being destroyed by Shiro. Confronted by Marumo, he sticks a cigarette in his face and tells him not to throw it away like so. Laughing he mentions being unable to get through to them, and warns them about being crushed.[4]


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